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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Canada's Undemocratic Government

Budget bill debate set for shutdown as marathon vote looms

"Hundreds of opposition amendments grouped for dozens of votes starting as early as tomorrow night"
Elizabeth May, the only Green Party MP. seems to be the only representative truly willing to do what is necessary to try, as difficult as it is, to hold the Mr. Harper's Conservative Government to account for everything that has been stuffed into his Omnibus Budget Bill that has nothing to do with a budget. The Conservatives are using this bill to push through a great deal of its pet ideological changes without oversight and trying to limit debate on the same. What does that mean? Basically, it means that they are trying to subvert the democratic process the same way Mr Harper did when he prorogued Parliament. Mr. Harper has no desire, it seems, to govern democratically, but only wants to have things his way and he will subvert and scheme in order to do that.

Democracy isn't on his agenda. You have to remember that he used to be a lobbyist for a party that wanted to leave Confederation. He wants to rule, and he believes he has the right to rule. Which seems to be the general belief of all far-right conservative politicians actually...

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