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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

R.I.P. - Fr. Len Cyr

I've known Fr. Len since his ordination, and I have always considered him one of the kindest, most generous and truly caring individuals I have ever met. He was the kind of person who really wanted to know you, and when he got to know you he would do anything he could for you.

He officiated at my marriage to SWMBO and gave us his guarantee. It's still working and still in effect.

I always enjoyed spending time with him. He had a terrific sense of humour and you never knew what joke he would come out with.

In his last years he suffered a great deal. He had been sick for a while as an adult and that sickness (leukemia) resulted in suffering and hospitalization. Surgery on his throat in his last years took away one of his greatest pleasures, singing. It was always so nice to sit and chat with him, and it was always so painful to sit and chat with him - that is, to see him suffering so stoicly and with such good humour. To say I truly loved him as a friend would not be an exaggeration.

Go swiftly go God, Fr. Len, and rest in his peace, finally freed from your suffering. Requiescant in pacem. Please pray for me to our Lord and Heavenly King!

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