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Friday, June 01, 2012

Please say a prayer,

if you're of that ilk, for one of our dear family cats, Melbourne.

Mel started showing signs of being unwell yesterday, and has continued, and gotten worse, since then. He's not eating or drinking and he makes little squeeking pain noises when he's picked up (if you know cats or dogs, you're familiar with the sounds they make when they have internal pain and they're picked up).

Mel has had a bit of a harder life for a home-kept cat. Before we became his staff he lived a bit rough as a tiny kitten, and then when he took us on he injured a rear leg somehow and has suffered on-going pain issues with it. It's been years with that now, and we've always wished we could do something about that for him.

Anyway, we're hoping and praying that it isn't his time to shuffle off into another one of his nine lives, so please say a prayer to the Creator of cats (and everything else around us including us) that the trouble will be easily cured...

(And say a quick prayer, too, for the dog who came into the vets while we were there who had had one of his rear paws run over by a car. It looked awful, but he was being far more stoic and dignified than I would be in the same situation. He was a beautiful dog, silently suffering from a really ugly looking injury...)

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Anonymous said...

Poor cat. I hope he's ok.