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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Believe it or not

today is, apparently,

National Hug Your Cat Day!

Seeing as cats don't read greeting cards and really don't give a meow about presents (unless it's food) it seems that the health side surrounding it might be the most logical source of the celebration (and not business interests as is usual).

Hug your cat(s)! You know you want to!

(Besides your cat, hugging your dog is supposed to be just as good. Not to take anything away from cats, but there's probably even more 'pet' animals that could be included. Why don't they have as effective a lobby as cats (other than dogs - there are a lot of dog related holidays)? Just hug your pets, period. Other than porcupines, I guess. But you shouldn't be keeping them as pets anyway - they're wild animals. Still, hugging any pet will probably do just as much good.)

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