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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

These aren't bad ideas

Priest: Show up to Mass on time, turn off your phone and dress properly

That's just my humble opinion, of course. While most people say that nothing is more disconcerting than having a cell phone go off during Mass (Remember when it used to be pagers, and they were only carried by doctors so you knew it was important?), I tend to lean toward being more than a little ticked off by short shorts, tops that show more torso than they cover, and men that won't remove their hats, and that's not just baseball caps, but also the trendy pork-pies and others. Mass should be a place to show respect to God, and I think most people can give up their 'fashion' for an hour. Of course, even dressing the way they do for work won't help, what the fashion move to the 'office slut' look.

The 'on time' thing? While I agree with the priest (as an usher and greeter I've seen people arriving as much as 40 minutes late for Mass) I think the most that can be asked for is an improvement. Some people seem genetically incapable, or socialized against, arriving on time for anything...

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