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Thursday, October 27, 2011

A small change

Something that you, dear reader, may notice in the coming days and weeks, is the loss of the cute little graphics that illustrate my blog posts, and which, at times, are possibly the most interesting part of the posts, I imagine.

An ISP I use to host them has just sent my yearly bill, and after some thought and prayer about it, I've decided that, in honour of my Secular Franciscan profession and promise of simple living, it's something that I can no longer justify. As such, I won't be renewing the account. It's not a big loss for me. All I used it for was a repository for these graphics and a way to shuffle things back and forth from home to wherever, and I'll be losing the 'silentservants' name as some rapacious domain reseller will reserve it right away, but it's a small thing anyway. It's all about the articles blogged, right? Right?

Coming soon to a blog near you...

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