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Sunday, January 12, 2014

He is

such a down-to-earth person...

Pope Francis encourages breastfeeding in Sistine Chapel

"'If they are hungry, mothers, feed them,' he says during annual baptism ceremony"

If you read down to the bottom you'll see that he's given up the Papal limousine and travels around Rome in a Ford Focus, sometimes sitting beside the driver in the front. Of course, that's just a practical point because a person of his size would have trouble even getting into the back seat of a Focus. The back seats are built for children, and small ones at that! (We own a Ford Focus, so I have first-hand experience.)

I fear for him. Not just a fear of terrorists and criminals because of his policies regarding justice and peace, but fear of hard-line traditional Catholics who will do what they want to get their way (killing doctors of abortion clinics comes to mind). He is making many friends by his decisions and his actions, and that makes me very happy, but I fear he's also making enemies, and that frightens me. I guess I'm not as good at relying on the Lord and trusting Him as the Pope is. Or most other Christians, I guess. But I digress. Bless him and keep him safe, Heavenly Father.

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