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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Pet peeves

Oh, the pet peeves are traffic related again, of course.

What is it with people who seem to think that traffic signs in parking lots are simply decorative? These people don't think that Stop signs, directional arrows or yield signs have any significance if they're not on a public thoroughfare. I suspect that's how they treat the signs in those public places, too, or do if they can get away with it. Pet peeve one for today.

The next one is about drivers who tailgate. If you're already driving 10 kilometers over the speed limit to try to keep these people off your tail and they're still a foot or two away, they're just driving way too fast. Where are those traffic police we hear about? Why don't they try to give these idiots tickets? I get as angry at the police as I do at the drivers.

I'm thinking of these things because someone in a white Kia SUV tried to change lanes right into me today. I was right beside her and had to slam on my brakes and take the car over the curb onto a boulevard just so she wouldn't hit me. I mean, I was right beside her! She couldn't have even tried to shoulder-check. So despite the slamming of my car into the curb and the fact that I leaned hard on my horn, she just drove blithely off, not even bothering to look back. Good grief!

SWMBO and I have talked about moving to a smaller town close to here, but all that would do is make us more dependent on our car as I need to get into the city for medical things, and our committed events are in the city, so living in a smaller town would present no benefit. I think we need to organize our lives so the car becomes unnecessary. SWMBO has done it before. We need to look at it and see if it is possible. These idiots in their SUVs will kill even more people as time goes on. We need to get out of the traffic before the odds go against us even more...

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