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Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm stunned

I was driving down a street today when a new car, Chrysler 300 Magnum, drove up in the lane beside me, then pulled a bit ahead in that lane. When I saw her signalling I slowed down and let her change lanes in front of me. I almost had to stop as her lane was backed up and stopped. She had a sun roof, and I saw her put her hand up through it. I thought she was going to wave to thank me. She gave me the finger! Then she pulled into the parking lot of a store beside the street and as she was pulling in she had her window rolled down and her other arm out giving me the finger. I slowed down as I got by her to see what was going on and she had the most ugly, rage-filled look on her face that I've even seen. Somehow I was responsible for something? Her children were late for soccer? Some sales clerk didn't recognize her special status as a young person and unique in and of herself? Perhaps once again the world conspired to NOT name her queen of the world? Perhaps I didn't intuitively know she wanted to be in the lane in front of me so it's my fault. I don't know.

That very ugly and nasty look, scrunched up, scowling, mouthing epithets, a look that I've very rarely seen, is the look of road rage on a person with an incredible sense of entitlement. The world is hers, you'd better not plan on being in her way...

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