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Monday, April 30, 2012

She gone and dun it...

Fender® Select Telecaster®

If you click the link above you'll go to Fender's very classy web page regarding this particularly beautiful work of art. No, I haven't bought it. Nor has anyone purchased it for me. No one probably knew that there was another guitar player in our family. You know her, I've mentioned her many times. My spouse, SWMBO. Well, she went out and bought this for herself. She has been working at studying guitar more, and as we work toward retirement she decided that getting herself an early retirement present (which we obviously wouldn't be buying AFTER we retire) would be a good idea. She decided on this because not only is it a beautifully voiced guitar with a terrific tone it's also a beautiful work of art. Being an artist, and appreciating art, has its drawbacks, or advantages, depending on how you view it. My buying a Les Paul a while ago probably didn't help, but this is still twice the price of my Les Paul. Whew!

In case you don't want to go to the website, I've quoted Fender's website below. What a beautiful guitar, and a really great purchase! (Though SWMBO did tell me that she's still willing to play guitar with me if I'm playing my "cheesy painted Mexican Telecaster". How charming.

"Select instruments for select individuals. Introducing Fender Select series guitars and basses-true players’ instruments that put more than six decades of Fender experience and expertise on outstandingly appointed display and bring a wealth of high-end features and elegant design options to discerning musicians everywhere. With choice tone woods, figured tops, strikingly beautiful finishes, figured and quartersawn maple necks with compound-radius fretboards, specially voiced Fender Select pickups that deliver masterful tone, and other first-rate features, the U.S.-made Select Series puts Fender’s top-line best in capable hands-yours.

The Fender Select Telecaster elevates our very first legendary guitar model to the epitome of elegant style and formidable sonic substance, with a stunning Violin Burst gloss-lacquer finish and natural binding on a resonant honeycomb-chambered ash body with a solid flame maple top. Its modern “C” shaped birdseye maple neck has a comfortable contoured heel, Bi-Flex™ truss rod system for rock-solid stability, a satin lacquer back finish and rear-headstock “Fender Select” medallion. The smooth-playing compound radius birdseye maple fretboard (9.5”-14”) has 22 medium jumbo frets, stylish black pearloid position inlays and a gloss lacquer finish. Crisp, clear signature sound comes from new Fender Select Telecaster single-coil neck and bridge pickups with three-way switching and a no-load tone control that delivers the natural uncolored sound of the bridge pickup when dimed.

Other premium features include a three-ply pickguard (parchment-black-parchment), knurled chrome knobs, American Telecaster bridge with new American Standard bent steel saddles and stamped brass plate, deluxe staggered cast/sealed locking tuners and nickel-chrome or gold hardware. Custom G&G Fender Select case, strap, cable and polishing cloth included."

SWMBO will probably let me use the polishing cloth. To polish her guitar, of course. What else are house elves for?

Here's a link to a good article on this guitar line and their manufacture:

Cool Debut! Fender Select Series


Kate said...

Yes we will be able to busk at the higher end liquor stores to augment our pensions. :-)

James said...

You're getting a pension?!

I'll be living in a paper bag in the middle of the street, getting up three hours before I go to bed and cleaning the road with my tongue. And you think you'll have it hard?!

Kate said...

Wow with real estate and rental rates what they are in Saskatoon you get to live in a Paper Bag! wow! You must be a member of the bourgousie!

James said...

Oops. I must admit to an upcoming upgrade. I won't have a 'cheesy painted Mexican Tele' anymore.