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Monday, March 26, 2012

Such a tragedy

Man who shot black Florida teen fears for safety, supporters say

As much as there is the knee-jerk reaction of racism by those who respond this way usually and as they would would like to paint it, it is getting harder to find your defined group to pin the charge on. A Hispanic shooting a Black is racism? Possibly, but where's the stereotypical white guy racist? It's a much more confused thing to claim when both groups often claim racism. I suppose that anyone can be racist, but the Hispanics could get just as upset.

No, this was a terrible case of someone with a firearm, with the ability to carry it and use it, using it in a situation where bravado, courage and machismo failed. He never should have been there, never should have followed the young man and should have just let the police do their job. In this case it's the firearms laws, I think...

It's still a horrible tragedy for both parties, the family of the person killed, and the person who killed him, who I really believe is going through a terrible time right now. They both need our prayers, and we need to keep a sane thought in our heads about what happened...

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