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Friday, February 17, 2012

A nice light snack

Buying the Body of Christ

This is a very interesting article. You can see how it has been many things that have contributed to the declining vocations issue and the loss of work within the convents. Mind you, in our current culture it would be demeaning to think that it would have to be the women religious who make the hosts. An issue of human rights!

On another note, when my father and I were helping to remove discarded items from an old convent that was being torn down, we found a host mold and a bunch of host cutters. The mold was two engraved flat plates that were welded to the ends of two rods and put together like a clamp. The dough was placed between the plates and baked in an open oven, then taken out to cool while the process was repeated over and over. They were cut, with the round cutters, at some point. The 'new nuns', the 'nuns of the '60's and early '70's' were just throwing out these items of historical importance. We salvaged them, Dad had a case made for them and we donated them to a local museum that focuses on the early years of the province. A great save!

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