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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Further on down the road

of history...

Prosecutors rebut jailed RFK assassin's claims in freedom quest

...and very few people are going to care because of 2 possible reasons:

1) he was still a shooter so he shouldn't go free, or
2) there was some sort of conspiracy, and he shouldn't go free to keep it quiet

What with all we know about the CIA and others during that time, I'm not slipping this one into the 'conspiracy theorist' category, because, despite the hypnotism claim, it seems pretty sure that there was more than one shooter.

What I want to know, though, is how so many other people get out of prison after killing someone, but they stay in forever if they kill a politician. What makes politicians so much more important that the average person? Given what keeps coming out about politicians, it seems that they often behave the same as, or worse than, the average person. That's fair? (Just like our current Prime Minister who seems to believe that the average person should wait an extra two years for their old age pension but politicians should still start getting their pension the moment they either retire or aren't re-elected, no matter their age. Why do they think they're so special? But that's off-topic. Sorry.)


Anonymous said...

Just so you know I'm still here and still reading ;-)

James said...

Thank you, dear Anonymous. I'm glad.

Please take care and stay well!