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Friday, February 03, 2012

But it won't matter

Poll shows majority rejects OAS change

The current Conservative Harper government in Canada isn't about the will of the people, it is about the ideology of the Right. That is what is driving this change and that is the only thing that will make any difference regarding any change to their plans and to the programs of the Government of Canada. (Oh, and if you disagree with them, well, you're not just disagreeing, you're an 'enemy of the Government of Canada'. Yep. That's their opinion. I'd call it what it is, but then by internet rules you couldn't read my blog any longer...)

It's a strange thing. Right-wing zealots always complain and warn about the supposed 'big brother' government of the Left, but no one is more controlling and forceful in getting their own way than the Right. It's just another example of fear-mongering and untruthfulness. That's a polite word for lying.

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