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Thursday, January 19, 2012




one-day strike is over. Will it accomplish anything? Why was it important?

It's about business, and making certain that U.S. business continues to make every cent that they feel they're entitled to. But it is more than that. I believe that the U.S. government is using business as a means of creating a way to control the internet, and to make certain that something is in place to be able to censor what the U.S. public sees if it so chooses. It's not an accident that the bill being presented to the U.S. Congress is so far-reaching. Much like the previous act, the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, it will be abused by all sectors to get what they want, at enormous expense and trouble to little people who can't compete against big corporations or big government. What these large entities say will win. Always. And that's what they want.

Since it began, the DMCA has largely proven a failure. So now we have this. It's not going to stop, but people need to continue the fight.

So, the one-day strike is over, but the war isn't won. Keep these things in mind if you're asked to support a protest against something like this. Don't think that your recreational blogging/surfing/listening/watching won't be affected, because it will.


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