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Saturday, January 14, 2012

I still don't know

what to think of Medjugorje.

Marija takes the apparitions to Assisi

There's just too much to comment on here.

Until Rome makes a definite statement (or as definite as they can without declaring dogma) then I'll just watch the whole thing, and smile indulgently at the folks who seem to spend more time thinking of, talking about, and praying to, Mary than Jesus.

Jesus may well have a word for us, but if His Mother is repeating it over and over then once we've heard it is it correct to continue to hang on every word that purports to be the continued apparition? The danger, of course, is then to place these words above scripture and then, ultimately, above the words of Christ. Then there's the danger for those who look for signs and wonders, who seek to know the future, who want to touch the fantastic, the other-worldly, the eternal.

I've heard some Medjugorje conversations that make me very nervous...

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