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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Just general information

Apocalypse 2012: how will the world end?

Out of all this comes the funniest thing of all - end of the world theorist capitalists who spend their time making money off of the possibility of this happening by selling necessary products to those poor people that they've helped to believe in the end of the world in the coming year. If it is truly going to end, as the people selling survival things, etc., to the public believe, then what good would selling anyone anything do? They should give it away! The fact that they don't points out to me that they expect to live on perfectly well after whatever their chosen date is, so that they can spend the money they've made off of others. Ah, yes, trickery and flim-flam.

I agree with the cartoon in the article. Have the believers ever gone ballistic because their yearly calendar ends at December 31? Have they thought that that meant that the calendar makers have some hidden knowledge about the end of the world taking place at that time? No, I'm sure they haven't. Is this any different?

Have a great 2012, everyone, and don't taken any Mayan wooden nickels!

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