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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Class Warfare

Fuck Your Prayer, Show Me Solidarity

She's angry. Angry for good, legitimate reasons. She is consumed by the injustice that swallows her and her anger is directed toward the 'justice' proposed by certain liberal Evangelicals. But she has very, very good points. I have felt anger toward some of these people for years. The situation really is class warfare. It is all around us. Our society is built upon the model (and I was just being criticized for not acknowledging that belief just the other night!).

I live in the same world, and hold very similar, though not quite as extreme, debt. I am ill, but to this point not quite ill enough to lose my livelihood. I am older, and therefore not as bitter about lost opportunity, lost hopes and a lost future. I am not as angry. I fully expect to lose everything before the end of my life, and I expect to live in poverty. I don't know the form it will take, but when illness strikes (as the author has so capably noted) the ability to fight back is taken away. Our society needs to put this wrong right. And it won't, because our society is controlled by the elite, by those with wealth. My country is on the path away from possible just resolution of ills to a model based on the U.S. model, which panders to the wealthy and elite as if they have done something special and important. Apparently,we are supposed to love the wealthy simply because they do what we haven't been able to do - make money. And we're expected to die and get out of the way so they can make more...

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