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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This is mine.

This joke is mine, which is my joke which is mine. It is mine.

What did the users say when the Usenet Gardening Newsgroup ended?

'Where have alt dot flowers gone?'

Sung to the tune, etc., etc., etc.

How's that. That is mine. It is my joke. I thought of it myself.

(Sadly, only use old folk on the 'net who remember Usenet will understand it at all, but there you go. A select joke for a select audience. It's probably not even original. Someone else has probably already thought it up. I'll be getting 'cease and desist' letters from lawyers....)


Joel A. Shaver said...

I like it. But no, don't tell anyone young.

James said...

Thanks, Joel. And none of the young folk will catch the, 'This is my joke. It is mine, which is my joke.' homage to the Monty Python dinosaur theory skit, either, alas. Ah, this aging thing...